For Baby Luke

I remember his sweet face coming across my screen as I scrolled my feed. He was but a few days old. Excited for our friends and without a second thought I hit the "like" button. And then I read the caption.

Allow me to introduce you to the story of Baby Luke. He made his debut into this world on August 4, 2019. Three days later his mother Amy, a friend and one of my former Arleth G Photography brides who also became a founder of Las Mariposas, shared his photo on Instagram along with a caption that made my heart hurt. Genuinely.

"He's only been alive for three days and he's been fighting for his precious life." She wrote. "We ask if you have time to send prayers to our baby. He is fighting a GBS infection and sepsis."

Immediately I turned to Mario. Being pregnant at the time myself, this news hit my heart a special kind of way. I was also a GBS carrier with my pregnancy and had been with some of my others as well. We needed to pray. That night and several others that followed, together with my two older boys, we did just that.

It's unthinkable how life as you know it can radically change with the turn of one single event. How it can send you on a journey so unimaginable just a few days before.

Unfortunately the GBS infection provoked a series of seizures resulting in damage to Baby Luke's brain which he is yet to fully recover from. With the unconditional love of his family he fights every day to achieve it.

Through the valley of shadows, however, I am assured there is hope. And today, if you feel led to shine a little light in this beautiful family’s journey, you can.

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Learn more about Baby Luke and follow his journey on Instagram through the eyes of his beautiful mamma @amyjbar. For more inspiring stories from other NICU families sharing similar journeys follow @thenicufamily on Instagram.

Are you ready? Let’s share away and spread a little love to this family today!

Fly Fearlessly!



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